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Facing Truth

We often scurry around in life attempting to avoid truth and the painstaking decisions it asks us to make.  We dodge the truth of our past, truth of our present, and maybe even the truth of where we’re headed.  We run from the potential of having to face telling the truth, living in the truth, … Continue reading Facing Truth

My Robe For His

It was a warm, ordinary weekday morning in the middle of May, of my Junior year in high school.  As I lay sleeping in my bed I felt someone approach me, then begin to sit.  That ‘someone’ was a grown man.  In a matter of moments, his unwelcomed contact became physically inappropriate.  With eyes still … Continue reading My Robe For His

A Gift No Box Can Hold

As a child growing up, I, like other children, couldn’t wait for the ‘the most wonderful day of the year’  to arrive.  Aside from my birthday, Christmas felt completely magical to me.  With Santa Claus at the center of the celebrations, there wasn’t much room to acknowledge the spiritual significance or purpose of Christmas in … Continue reading A Gift No Box Can Hold

Driven By Obedience

Living in obedience to the Lord isn’t always easy.  It often involves laying down our own wants and desires for what God wants.  I’d love to share with you how I’ve had some long history of promptly obeying the Lord, but that wouldn’t be accurate.  In fact I’ve had to learn through the prompting of … Continue reading Driven By Obedience

Setting Sail By Example

Many of us set sail in life, on a quest for significance and meaning.  Our voyage is in an attempt to ‘find ourselves’, instead of finding God and living by His ways.  We have no idea who we are, nor the image we’re called to reflect, because we are unaware of whose image we were … Continue reading Setting Sail By Example

The Great Provider

November is typically looked upon as a time for us to count our blessings, and express gratitude.  Even those who do not share in a relationship with God, through His Son Jesus, often gather at the Thanksgiving table with family and friends and discuss something for which they are thankful.   I have so many things … Continue reading The Great Provider

No Room For Evil

 As an adult, my absolute favorite season is fall.  What I love about this time of year is its welcoming of cooler, crisp weather…weather that I’ve longed for as the hot, sticky summer lingered into what felt like…forever.  I’m entranced by the beauty that unfolds as the leaves begin to slowly turn vibrant colors, and … Continue reading No Room For Evil

The Venomous One

Everything had been going splendidly well in a particular paradise known as the Garden of Eden.  The garden, and everything else created in, and around it, had been spoken into existence by the Lord God.  The Lord’s finest creation, man, was the only thing of God’s whom He fashioned with His own hand.  Man, and … Continue reading The Venomous One

Waters You’ve Entered

I grew up in northern California, about 30 minutes from its beautiful coastline.  Weekend day trips to the beach were commonly taken by my family.  Though outings to the beach were always something our family enjoyed, we were never encouraged to go in the water.  My mother was never fond of the idea of her … Continue reading Waters You’ve Entered

Becoming A Moses

I often tell people I can relate to the Israelites of the Old Testament book of Exodus in the Bible.  The Israelites spent 40 years in a literal desert in which faith was required every step of the way.  After having raised my four children, I will also have spent 40 years in a faith-stretching … Continue reading Becoming A Moses


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